Friends Reunited - the sunset of an era

Friends Reunited - the sunset of an era

In the summer of 2000 we launched Friends Reunited as a method for people to find their old friends from their school days.

It is with a heavy heart, that we have decided to close the service down. This happened on the 26th of February 2016.

We do recognise that people have a lot of old photos within their profiles on the site. We will therefore provide a link to allow you to login and download your photos. You will be receiving an email in the coming months with further information on this.

We are opening a new free service called

Liife allows you to remember and plot key moments in your life and upload new and old photos. You will then be able to share them with your close friends and family.

These are all private to you and just the people you share them with. Each moment in your life relates to a different group of people and we recognise that.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happened to my Friends Reunited account?

    You will no longer be able to log into your FriendsReunited account. The FriendsReunited servers have been shut down.

  • How can I recover all the photos I uploaded on Friends Reunited?

    We will provide a page to allow you to login and download your photos – you will be receiving an email regarding this over the coming months.

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